Who is SHINee?

SHINee is SM Entertainment’s Korean boy band group with five members: Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin. They debuted in 2008 with their album Replay. The name SHINee was inspired from the words ‘employer’ and ‘employee.’ It is meant to be the person who would receive the light, instead of giving them off. To name few awards, SHINee received the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Dance Performance – Male Group, Mnet Asian Music Award for Best New Male Artist, and Golden Disc Award for Most Popular Star – Song Division. SHINee is famous for their complex dance performances, and are capable of performing many genres: R&B, funk, rock, etc.



Who is Onew?

full-2Onew is the leader and one of the lead vocalists in SHINee! He is the oldest of them all. He was featured in Descendants of the 2015080318080814030-540x540Sun in 2015 as one of the doctors. Onew is known for having a “honey voice” that melts the fans’ hearts. Recently, he was also featured in “Eat Sleep Eat” with Baek Jong-Won and Jung Chae-Yeon from ioi and DIA.


Who is Jonghyun?

Jonghyun is the other lead vocalist of SHINee. He is responsible for most of the high no3977637c1a4a41cd942cd0fe3639c33b_1472071031697tes and the bridges in SHINee’s songs. Surprisingly, Jonghyun is also a great songwriter. Not only did he write sodd_wefreaky408_jh_fanongs for his solo albums, but he also wrote for SHINee’s popular tracks: “Sherlock,” “ Lucifer,”  “Prism,“ “Juliet,” etc. He also wrote Lee Hi’s “Breathe” and IU’s “Gloomy Clock”.



Who is Taemin?

Taemin is undoubtedly the best dancer in SHINee. post-phinf-naver-2His dance moves are very smooth and natural. Youngest of the group, he debuted in his third year in middle school! In February of 2016, he released his first solo album, “Press Your Number.” Taemin was featured in the TV show  We Just Got Married with Naeun from Apink.



Who is Key?

130207_5112fcb8268f9Out of SHINee, Key is the most concerned about fashion. In fact, he attends meetings with SM Entertainment staff to discuss and decide on SHINee’s outfits for concerts and  performances. He was recently featured in several musicals and dramas (i.e. Catch Me If You Can, School Oz, Chess, etc.).








l_2015022601001299800081811Who is Minho?

Minho is the main rapper in SHINee. He has the most experience with acting within the group. He was featured in Medical Top Team, Pianist, No Way to Go. He is also the most athletic within the group. Having his dad as a soccer coach, he really enjoys playing soccer.


New Release

SHINee made a comeback in October with their 5th album, 1 of 1!  It includes nine tracks in total: “Prism,” “1 of 1,” “Feel Good,” “Don’t Let Me Go,” “Lipstick,” “Don’t Stop,” “SHIFT,” “U Need Me,” and “So Amazing.” Jonghyun wrote the lyrics for both “Prism” and “Don’t Stop.” Key and Minho also helped create the rap lines for “Don’t Stop,” and for some of the lines in “Don’t Let Me Go,” which is a very popular track in the album. Onew wrote the entire song “So Amazing” by himself. All of this shows SHINee members’ love for their fans.

The title track for this album is “1 of 1.” iTunes described it as a “classic R&B and boy-band pop of the late ’80s and early ‘90s.” Check out their newest music video on Youtube, which also incorporates the concept of the late ‘80s to the early ‘90s! →


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