Dear Teen10 readership,

Depending on how regularly you visit the publication, you may have noticed a dip in article output, as of the last few months. Rest assured that the pace will pick up in the latter half of the year. Though my posts are few and far between, there’s a fair haul going on behind the scenes – with plans on improving this platform for the future.

We’ve just broken into March: a spring month potentially more hellish than its predecessor, or almost as hellish as the next. Club leadership and summer school apps are in the air. Everyday life is being arrested by a spell of self-reflection, and the biggest thing on our minds are our setbacks. The mountain of sauce-smeared cutlery I have yet to wash is casting a shadow over my work ethic, as with many things. Take it one chopstick at a time.

For today’s menu we have: Opportunities a la móde, seasoned with doubt.

If life dishes that out, lick the plate clean and serve up something self-inspired. You only cater to yourself.


Janice Hahn

Teen10 Editor-in-Chief

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