Contribute to Teen10!

Contribute to Teen 10!

Become a Guest Contributor

[All guest contributors: Please send a photograph of yourself and a mini-bio (2~4 sentences; written in third person; you can include a link to your social networking sites). You have to submit this every time you contribute, even if your bio has not changed. Just to be safe, if you go to a school in Korea, please don’t name which school you attend in the bio. Send the mini-bio in same email that has your submissions. Please also include at least one photo to accompany the article along with its source.]


All submissions will be considered for possible publication.

Areas of Contribution

Letters to the Editor or Contributor//
Please send letters (responses to any articles or creative contents) to [email protected], and include your full name, phone number, and the school you go to. We also accept personal letters to a specific contributor based on your response to their work (you can indicate whether it’s a private letter or a letter we can publish). Letters may be edited for length and clarity, and maybe published in any medium. All letters become the property of Teen 10.

Monthly Hashtag Story Submissions//
Please email your story to [email protected] These stories can be as short as 2 sentences but can range up to a full article. The hashtag topics can be found on our home page in the side menu. For this segment, we take your story in any medium (video, article, one word, photograph, art, etc.)

Article Submissions//
Please email your submission to [email protected] and include your full name, phone number, and the school you go to. There is no minimum word requirement but there is a limit of 1,000 words. (You can write an article for any segment that Teen 10 offers – but we highly encourage you to submit for our Feature’s page!)

Short Stories/Poetry/Humorous Anecdotes/Literary Works Submissions//
Please send your work as a word document to [email protected], and include your full name, phone number, and the school you go to. There is a 2,000 word limit.

Teen 10 accepts interviews with interesting persons or figures. Teen 10 will also accept an interview with a stranger on a fascinating subject. The interview does not need to be of a teenager. Our format is “10 Questions with ______” so please adhere to that. Email your final submission to [email protected]

Cartoon/Art/Photography Submissions//
Please send your work as a series of .jpeg files or .png files (or compiled in a .zip format). Please include a description to accompany the piece. If you prefer a certain layout, you can just paste the photos onto a Word document and type out the description/article in there. The word limit is 1,000 words. Email your final submission to [email protected]

Vlog Submissions//
Please send us your vlog as a mac-safe file (we prefer un-uploaded files, so we can upload straight to our channel). This includes cover songs, guitar performances, and creditos other talent showcasing videos. By sending us your video, you are granting permission for Teen 10 to re-upload on our Youtube channel as well as other platforms. Email your final submission to [email protected]

Event Tips or News Breaks or School News//
Please send your submissions to the Team Director at [email protected] Please title the email as such: Name_Tips for Teen 10

Permissions and Back Issues//
For permissions and licensing requests, please send an email to [email protected]

To advertise with Teen 10, please send an email to [email protected]

Tech Issues//
Email your concerns to [email protected]


Join the Teen 10 Crew as a Regular Contributor

Regular Journalist//
Please send a resume with a 500~800 word writing sample that fits the writing style of a teen magazine to our Team Director at [email protected] In the email please list the departments in the order of your preference. The five departments are Fashion, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Academics, and News. Because we receive many applications, we will keep your resume until we find an opening in any of the five departments.
Please title the headline of the email as such:
[Regular Contributor Application_Full Name_Date]

Regular Photographer/Cartoonist/Vlogger/Content Creator/Artist//
Please send your resume with a PDF attachment of sample works related to the position you are applying as. Send your email to our Team Director at [email protected] 
Please title the headline of the email as such:
[Regular Contributor Application_Full Name_Date]


Expectations of a regular contributor is as follows:
Regular contributors must submit once a month by a given due date. If you miss more than 3 due dates, your membership will be terminated until the following year.

For general inquiries contact the Editor-in-chief or visit our FAQ page


Currently Open Positions (besides contributors)

Submit a resume to our Team Director at [email protected] and please title the headline of the email as such:
[Position]_Your Name

1. English to Korean Translators

2. Comment Moderator

3. Facebook Manager