10 Questions with Teen 10

Welcome to Teen 10 Magazine!

1. What is Teen 10?

TL;DR – Korea’s Magazine By and For Teens!

Teen 10 is an online platform for English-speaking teenagers living in Korea sponsored by 10 Media, a popular content-creating company based in Itaewon. But our readership stretches to Korean expats, Kyopyos (교표), teens interested in the Korean culture from all around the world, and even to non-teenagers.

2. How did Teen 10 start?

Teen 10 founder, Zoey Ryu, arrived in Korea in 2011 and was disappointed to discover that there wasn’t a platform in which the international community of teens could read or discuss relevant news in English. Most of the existing media were mainly intended for adults and if there were, by chance, something for teens, it was just for girls (Teen Vogue Korea, Seventeen Magazine, etc.) or it had didactic purposes. Living by the axiom, “If you don’t create it, it doesn’t exist,” she decided to approach 10 Media with an ambitious proposal to start up a teen magazine. Stephen Revere, the CEO of 10 Media, kindly pushed the project forward and here we are!

3. What kinds of topics does Teen 10 center around?

A bit of everything! Our main 5 topics are Fashion, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Academics, News, and submissions of works. We want to be able to talk about a range of topics from social issues to our lives in Korea; from third-culture dilemmas and culture shock stories to the latest Kpop and/or celebrity news.

4. How can I get in touch with Teen 10?

For all general inquiries please email us at [email protected]

5. I’d like to submit articles or works (photography, art, literature), but I’m not a part of this magazine. Can I still submit something to be published in the magazine?

Absolutely, just click on our “Contribute to Teen 10!” under the About page for guidelines.

6. I don’t live in Korea but I’d like to contribute, is that a possibility?

Yes, of course! Anyone can submit to our magazine for consideration. Please visit “Contribute to Teen 10!” under the About page for guidelines.

7. How do I join the Magazine as a part of the regular team or an executive member? 

We call them our “Regular Contributors” and you have to submit a writing sample along with a resume. Again, please refer to “Contribute to Teen 10!” under the About page for guidelines.

As for the inquiry about becoming an executive member, we will post an notification about an opening when available. Otherwise you would have to wait until our annual applications to apply for an editor or manager position.

8. I am not a teen, can I apply or contribute?

Because our tag-line is “Korea’s Magazine By and For Teens!” we do not take non-teenagers. Our contributors must be from ages 13-19. However, if a Teen 10 executive approaches you with an offer, that will be the only exception. You can be featured through an interview or a vlog as well. Thank you for your interest.

9. I want to suggest a pitch for an article and/or I know a cool event coming up that Teen 10 should cover, who can I talk to?

You can email our Team Director at [email protected] who will forward your pitch to the relevant department heads.

10. I want to advertise with Teen 10, who can I talk to?

You can email Steve Revere at [email protected]

Thank you for dropping by!  🙂